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"From a traditional Chinese perspective, our contemporary attempts to heal the body without healing the mind or to train the mind without strengthening the body are equally futile"
- Sifu Fong


With sadness we note the passing of Sifu Gregory Fong in June, 2014.

Toward the end of his life, Gregory Fong offered some teaching advice: “Whatever you know, don’t keep it: give it away right away.” He followed this motto with a rare consistency throughout his teaching career. And because he was always learning something new, he always had something to give away. Every night, night after night, month after month, year after year, he always came to class full of what he’d learned that day, excited by it, proud of it, but equally eager to rid himself of it, and every night he went home empty-handed.

Indeed, he seemed to crave this kind of uncanny destitution and wished always to travel as lightly as possible. And of course on the rare occasion you thought that by dint of hard, hard practice, you had finally actually learned something, made it your own, Sifu smiled and took it away by teaching something new. You were doomed if you tried to hang onto any of it, because he forced you, as he forced himself, always to start from scratch. And then, at the end, he turned us loose. This was his last gift, the hardest to accept.
—Randall Havas

“Portland T’ai Chi Arts: Cultivating the Legacy of Sifu Gregory Fong”
An Association created by his students continues to hold Tai Chi Classes in Chinatown at 315 NW Davis


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